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We are a data-driven marketing and technology company. Working with single entrepreneurs to global corporations, we are driven to create case studies.

Why Digital Pals?

We ponder about the exact reason why, focus on the critical and execute.

Every audience, brand and market requires different marketing architecture. We take these differences into consideration and create a tailor-made strategy for you.

We pursue success stories.

We partner with the companies and entrepreneurs if we truly believe that we add value to their business.

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Batuhan Hamamcı's photo

Batuhan Hamamcı

Co-Founder & CEO

Abid Emre Koruk's photo

Abid Emre Koruk

Co-Founder & CMO

Begüm Eryar's photo

Begüm Eryar

Senior Marketing Architecture Specialist

Hasan Sever's photo

Hasan Sever

Full-Stack Developer

Doğukan Hamamcı's photo

Doğukan Hamamcı

Project Manager

Özge Özpınar's photo

Özge Özpınar

Business Development & Sales Enthusiast

Yiğit Dansık's photo

Yiğit Dansık

Data Analyst

Duygu Özdoğan's photo

Duygu Özdoğan

Marketing Architecture Specialist

Tuba Nur Yeşiltaş's photo

Tuba Nur Yeşiltaş

Marketing Architecture Enthusiast

Mehmet Arıkan's photo

Mehmet Arıkan

Marketing Architecture Enthusiast

Alida Sefada's photo

Alida Sefada

Project Management Enthusiast

Defne Başbakkal's photo

Defne Başbakkal

Marketing Architecture Enthusiast

Have You Seen Our Projects?

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Strategic Marketing Partnership

We developed a product segmentation based on dynamic product-level sales and view performances. Hence, on the acquisition side, we became able to feature products with low visibility but high conversion performance more than those with high visibility but low conversion performance.

For fashion brands, influencer marketing is a critical part of their marketing strategy. Due to the lack of (or limited)... read more

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B2B Strategic Marketing

According to a study by Google, B2B purchasing decisions are made after 12 queries. So, with respect to the optimization of marketing campaigns, relying on the last-click performance must lead to wrongful termination of a successful campaign. We developed an attribution model to analyze the campaign performance.

In contrast to the competitors emphasizing the cost benefits, we highlighted the value... read more