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Joinus is a knitwear fashion brand. Thanks to their decades of experience as the global contract manufacturer of global brands, they have had high knowledge about shifts in consumer demands. As the benefit of being the producer, they have higher flexibility on inventory management.


Regardless of how high-quality and best customer service you provide, every brand needs marketing. Due to the increasing competition in the online world, it might take years to reach feasible revenue levels without marketing investments.

Without tracking and analyzing the first-party data including Google Analytics, pixel events, customer lists etc., an ecommerce store is pretty much like an offline branch. The investment decision can be more easily made on data on the online world than the offline one if one is willing to. Real-time product and user-level tracking help identify revenue growth opportunities.

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Case Study

Starting with the setup of ecommerce tracking and dynamic reports for decision making purposes, we have the ability to clearly observe the change in consumer demand among the product categories and variants. The performance marketing campaigns have been reorganized in accordance with the accumulated sales data. We maintained an 80-20 ratio between prospecting and retargeting campaigns budgets so as to grow the customer base of the brand. The campaigns were also managed in coherence with the influencer marketing strategy to optimize daily revenue.

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Statistics of Joinus

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