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Megasaat was created as an online brand, that includes a wide range of models in the watch industry. Mega Saat has gathered many brands with high sales volume throughout the country. The brand offers trendy products with affordable prices.


The variety of products, which is one of the biggest advantages of Mega Saat , actually made the brand to have difficulties in customer targeting. To solve this problem we created strategic campaigns and collections. By using niche optimizing strategies, Mega Saat has shown the right products to the right people. As a result, conversion rate increased. According to company experience in the sector for many years, their target audience is quite sensitive about e-commerce technologies. So they designed a website that their customers can use comfortably. On the other hand, Mega Saat gave customers new habits by using great user experience techniques.

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Mega Saat
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The professional management of our digital assets by Digital Pals has also affected our traditional sales channels quite well.

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Case Study

In the beginning Mega Saat did not have great branding because of their first entry in the online market. Digital marketing team first started with finding an audience. They used digital marketing tools for finding related audiences. It was hard to apply those strategies because Mega Saat did not have an online presence. They aimed for finding an audience but on the other hand, Mega Saat had issues about trust,branding and other things like that. They introduced the brand’s position and identity to customers to overcome these issues. Using onsite marketing,facebook ads,google ads they communicated with the audience with personal level . After a while the market soon recognized the Mega Saat and gained a shopping habit. In this case Digital pals marketed the brand to the people to gain trust. This solution has actually been found to strengthen the brands within the Mega Saat, not only in the online market but also in traditional markets.

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When Digitalpals started partnership with Mega Saat they suggested Shopify as a E-commerce infrastructure. From a strategic point of view, Shopify seemed quite logical.

After deciding E-Commerce infrastructure, Digital Pals took all the responsibility at the Set-up process. They guided their partner on the following issues: shopify set-up, custom theme designed, custom theme coded, tag structure has created, cargo Integration, digital marketing integration (Facebook Ads - Google Ads- Google Analytics - Google Tag Manager)

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