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shopi go is a well-known reseller of globally or locally acknowledged brands and designers. They offer exclusive collections to mid-high and high-end consumers in Turkey. The brand also collaborates with contemporary artists under their new brand: shopi go ART.


The brand offers the exclusive products or works of over 40 different brands and over 70 artists. The exclusive collections mean higher exposure to stock problems. The wide range of brands, designers and product types mean higher exposure to navigational problems and more importance of the analyses of the category, brand and product-level real-time performance.

Their target audience is much smaller than other apparel and footwear brands due to the pricing and the design of items displayed. Hence, the acquisition side of the marketing efforts must be able to filter out the actual target audience from the overall e-commerce shoppers in the country.

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Case Study

We developed an ecommerce tracking system to identify both the bottlenecks and potential revenue growth areas with real-time analytics. Based on the historical data and other shifts in the ecommerce industry, we advised on the shift to Shopify as their ecommerce infrastructure. The shift to Shopify increased the average daily revenue by 30% by mainly reducing the checkout abandonment. We restructured the performance marketing campaigns to reach the actual target audience. We employed the different interest topics and query groups so as to reach those audiences. The case that prospecting campaigns focused on achieving micro conversion goals like adding to cart helped retargeting campaigns get better optimized thanks to more daily volume of events.

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Before working with Digital Pals, Shopi go was using Magento infrastructure, which did not satisfy their needs fully. As a strategic decision it has been decided that the brand is going to have a new identity with a custom theme design powered by Shopify. Digital Pals was responsible for all the process of Shopify set-up, which includes topics like theme arrangements, content management, app integrations and payment integration. In addition to that, ERP, mailing and shipping integrations also added to the system. After all the technical system set-ups, Digital Pals crew organized a panel training for the brand. On top of that, our marketing team is handling the necessary execution in the fields of strategic marketing such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel. Today, Digital Pals is proud to work with Shopi go as their consultant with the topics regarding digital marketing, UX improvements, shopify maintenance and app consultancy.

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