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Touché Privé is a modest fashion brand. They offer a range of fashion pieces from tunics to outerwear. Born in Turkey, the brand now serves fashion consumers in Europe and Middle East, as well. The modest fashion market is estimated to reach a volume of $402bn by 2024 globally. (The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2020)


The unfulfilled supply for demand for modest fashion pieces has helped the brand reach well above 7-figure monthly revenues in Turkey. However, like emerging markets facing the issue of middle income trap, the brand faced a similar problem: monthly revenue and the size of the consumer base stuck at a certain level.

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Case Study

The cases including heavy reliance on remarketing lists, undiversified marketing channel investments and not tracking the important elements of marketing programs had a negative impact on revenue growth. Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager and Criteo offers remarketing campaign features. However, if you do not attract new potential customers, those marketing channels will start bidding against each other, eventually costing higher bidding rates. Employing similar (lookalike) audiences and interest groups (via consumer surveys or audience analysis) helps you reach a new audience base. Besides customer segmentation, we developed a product segmentation based on dynamic product-level sales and view performances. Hence, on the acquisition side, we became able to feature products with low visibility but high conversion performance more than those with high visibility but low conversion performance. For fashion brands, influencer marketing is a critical part of their marketing strategy. Due to the lack of (or limited) transparent tracking, the influencer marketing of the brand was sort of blinded investment. We developed a custom attribution model based on high purchase intent behavior of traffic from influencers via UTM tracking and the first, middle and last interaction of influencer traffic on the conversion path.

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Touché Privé is a good example of Shopify Plus e-commerce store, integrated with ERP, shipment and payment software providers. The store is also enhanced with product recommendation and on-site marketing apps, which help increase both the conversion rate and the average basket size.

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