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A HR SaaS company. They offer modular HR software solutions so that a company pays for what they need. The modular HR software can be easily integrated with other enterprise software and it also can be controlled via its mobile app. Such features save time and money for companies with high operation costs.


01 Challenges

The brand has invested in both content marketing and performance marketing campaigns to penetrate the Turkish market. However, the content marketing strategy attracted non-HR employees who are not the primary target audience of the brand. Similarly, the performance marketing architecture was not in accordance with the growth strategy of the brand: the campaigns targeted both HR and non-HR employees, eventually causing wasted budget.

02 Our Approach

We reorganized the content marketing strategy and performance marketing campaigns to primarily focus on HR employees and other decision-maker stakeholders in companies. From filtering out target keywords based on relevance with the target audience to diversifying the marketing campaign budget among feasible channels, we optimized the acquisition side of the marketing efforts.

We employed on-site marketing tools for behavioral targeting rather than mass targeting. Similar to post boosting on social media, we boosted the contents that have potentially high conversion performance for the first interaction point with the target audience. Retargeting campaigns with personalized contents based on on-site behavior have helped increase the number of high-quality leads.

The Results

Conversion Rate Uplift
Drop in Bad Leads
Monthly Lead Increase

Some of the tools we used

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