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A high-fashion designer accessories label that reinvests timeless silhouettes and specializes in handcrafted leather goods made with the best quality materials and craftsmanship. Inspired by memories and landmarks of designers and motivated by emotion. The brand was designed in New York and produced in Istanbul and now reaches worldwide wardrobes.


01 Challenges

The brand owners had maintained an astonishing organic growth thanks to their iconic handbags. However, the organic growth became limited when the competition got toughened.

The brand positioning, high-quality iconic handbags with relatively lower pricing compared to the likes of the brand, could not be echoed efficiently without performance marketing and scalable e-commerce software.

02 Our Approach

As for the fundamentals of the performance marketing and conversion rate optimization, we set up and enhanced data tracking for the e-commerce store.

Thanks to constant A/B testing and competitor analysis, we managed to find the optimal creatives and funneled the traffic towards to the best returning landing pages.

We created an on-site marketing communication structure and an dynamic report to optimize conversion rate.

03 Shopify

Manc has transfered its e-commerce store to Shopify with our expertise. It was due to that the previous e-commerce software did not correspond to the fundamental needs of the brand: the need for fast and flexible store management and the need for advanced marketing tools.

The Results

Monthly Revenue Growth
Conversion Rate Increase
Session Growth

Some of the tools we used

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