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Athleisure Footwear

A new brand joins the footwear market with an ambition to attract global attention for their athleisure footwears. Regardless of the premium quality and competitive pricing, they observed no sufficient traction among their target audience from paid channels.

They needed a full marketing optimization starting from acquisition to conversion, to post-conversion. First thing to check before going into details about those steps is to make sure you properly implement relevant events and create audience pools sorting out high-quality visitors from low-quality visitors.

When users began to flood through our micro and macro conversion funnels, we realized huge breakdown on one specific shopping funnel step. While Google Analytics displays quantitative information about users and the website, tools like Hotjar let you discover user behavior qualitatively.

Combining Google Analytics results with insights gained thanks to Hotjar, we revealed that users felt confused about pricing. Because Shopify shows price discount only on the payment page, it causes confusion among users and eventually ends up with them exiting from the site. Despite such negative feature, Shopify Apps come to the rescue. There are wealthy pools of app (plug-ins) that resolves issues or leverage the usability of Shopify infrastructure.

Using targeting and bidding methods according to the goals of our acquisition campaigns and website optimization resulted in increasing average daily revenue 7 times. In 2 months, the e-commerce operations had transformed into a profitable business channel.

  • Sector:

    Footwear, Textile

  • Project Goal:


  • Tools:

    Shopify, Google Analytics, Hotjar, Shopify Apps


    Qualitative Analysis, Quantitative Analysis, Website Optimization, Performance Marketing

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