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A software developer agency cannot allocate time to evaluate market trends and develop business strategy because of the heavy workload of managing and developing high-effort projects. Their advantage is being young and highly skilled.

In the eve of business development, you need to understand the true skills and values of each and every member of your team since they will be the ones who will do the hard work. On the financial side, calculating the hourly fee of employees is critical to calculate the profitability of a project.

Billions of people search on Google everyday. Hence, you can analyze trends and search volume of your products and services through Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner. While Google Trends displays the popularity of a topic or search term through a period of time, Google Keyword Planner shows the actual and forecast search volume in selected time period.

With respect to your scope of service, you must analyze target markets on 2 dimensions: need-based and person-based. Need-based refers to services that one must use, while person-based refers to services that one is willing to use. Then, you can categorize your services into those 2 dimensions. The following step is to conclude marketing and sales strategies, such as which digital marketing channels to be employed for which services.

In times of scaling your business, you also need to forecast when there will be a need for new employees. Finally, you need to map out your ROI performance with new scope of services and employees. Then, you will understand the required investment.

Thanks to our mapping methodology, the developer agency now enjoys the profitability of new services like mobile app development.

  • Sector:

    Software Development

  • Project Goal:

    Business Growth

  • Tools:

    Mapping Methodology, Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner

  • Skılls:

    Market Research, Qualitative Analysis

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