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Foodie Tourists

An entrepreneur realizes there are nonignorable unutilized capacity of restaurants in Japan: they are closed until afternoon. Reading that the 2020 Summer Olympics set the forecast for the number of foreign tourists to 40 millions in 2020, he convinces his partner to found a startup about food tourism. They aim to create shared value through food donation programs worldwide.

Their target audience is specifically foreign tourists who are about to or plan to land to Japan. The pricing organically narrows down their audience to those with upper-middle and above income groups.
The intelligence systems running under ad networks can identify signals about demographic, socio-economic and psychological background of users. Hence, it allows advertisers to target users based on such dimensions. However, it is not as perfect as imagined.

Beyond ad networks, there are much deeper analysis opportunities if right events and audience creation are made on-site. You can segment your users by theme, budget and additional information that you collect via forms. If you want to grow sustainably, you need to invest on first-party data, which allows you to establish personalized experiences for your prospects.

If you have a target audience whom “are about to” or “are planning to” to do something, then Google and Facebook Ads do not fully cover what you need. The big two ad networks can interpret data derived from mobile people only after those people settle. In such circumstances, we recommend using Programmatic Ads which is fed with more in-depth user data collected from countless sources.

While you cannot specifically target tourists coming in the town, say, in a month on Google Ads or Facebook Ads, Programmatic Ads help you target people who have flight to Japan in 3 weeks and book for business class flight and have Audis.


  • Sector:

    Event Organization

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  • Tools:

    Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics


    Performance Marketing, Quantitative Analysis

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