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Hotel Investment

A well-known property development company wants to attract African and Indian investors with budget above $300,000 for their hotel projects in Dubai. Following a thorough market research and sales-oriented lead generation objective, we created a highly optimized landing page integrated with CRM and used budget-saving lead generation campaigns.

We aimed to discover the cultural and socio-economic elements that have an impact on investment decisions. With that in mind, we designed a landing page corresponding to questions or needs (such as localization) that, we expected, potential investors would ask.

On-site marketing tools that are triggered based on user behavior raised the form completion rate meanwhile the design of the landing page was to filter those who would be highly interested in investing in such projects.

2-month-long marketing activity with a strict budget generated around 450 leads, 45 of which were highly qualified leads. Qualified form completion rate were 10%, 3 times higher than the sectoral benchmarks. The company has furthered negotiations with potential investors, expecting over $2,5 millions worth of investment

  • Sector:

    Property Development

  • Project Goal:

    Qualified Lead Generation

  • Tools:

    Unbounce, Facebook Ads, Hubspot, Optimonk, Trust Pulse, Hotjar


    Market Research, Website Optimization, Performance Marketing

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