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Beste and Merve Manastır; co-founders of the brand and the daughters of one of the oldest hand craftsman and leather goods manufacturer in Istanbul, Turkey, launched MANU Atelier in February 2014. The desire of presenting their father’s artisanship and unique talents in creating and manufacturing handcrafted leather goods brought the sisters together as business partners. The brand aims to preserve its loyalty to the old, while presenting its products to modern women of the new age, by combining premium leather with pure hand craftsmanship.


Manu Atelier, a renowned brand known for its high-quality leather bags, required a website that matched its premium status and offered a more manageable infrastructure. The existing website, built on WordPress, presented several challenges, including poor user experience and slow site speed. The systems in place were not functioning effectively, which hindered the overall performance and user satisfaction.

To address these issues, Manu Atelier collaborated with Digital Pals, a team recognized for executing some of the most premium fashion projects in Turkey. A strategic meeting was held to outline the necessary steps to overcome these challenges and elevate the online presence of Manu Atelier to reflect its luxurious brand image.

Our Approach / Solutions

The Digital Pals team began by selecting a theme that would reflect Manu Atelier’s premium quality and optimizing the site’s internal navigation. The primary focus was on enhancing the product listing and product detail pages. These enhancements ensured that users could easily access detailed product information while enjoying a high-quality look and feel on both mobile and desktop screens.

We also paid special attention to the add-to-cart process, implementing the most effective configurations to significantly reduce customer turnaround times. The design was meticulously crafted to provide an intuitive and seamless shopping experience, aligning with the luxurious brand image of Manu Atelier.




Manu Atelier launched subdomains for TR, UK, and EU markets with local currencies. The main domain targets the US. Local payments and PayPal/Stripe were used, with automatic location-based redirection.



Transitioning from the WordPress checkout experience to Shopify’s checkout significantly improved the process. The implementation of One Page Checkout streamlined and accelerated the payment process, enhancing user convenience and satisfaction.


UX/UI Design & Website

Designed lookbook pages for seasonal runway visuals. Enhanced navigation with background images to strengthen storytelling. Improved functionality by showing color variants and adding complementary products on product pages.


Courier/Shipping Integration

Integrated Banabikurye, Kolaygelsin for Istanbul deliveries and Yurtiçi Kargo for Turkey, reducing operational load. Global stores use DHL, ensuring reliable international shipping with automated tracking.


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