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Raisa Vanessa

  • Strategy

    CRO, Performance Marketing, Data Tracking

  • Design

    Customized Theme

  • Start - End Date

    2023 -

Raisa Vanessa was created by twin sisters Raisa & Vanessa Sason in 2011 with the intention of developing a modern and empowering brand for women, by women. 

Born and raised in Istanbul, their love for art and costume design made them who they are today as designers.


Raisa Vanessa, a brand renowned for designing luxury dresses, had been managing its online sales through a custom panel and website for many years. However, the custom panel proved to be inefficient and challenging for process management.

The website’s interface quality was inadequate, and there were significant issues with the payment process. Facing these numerous challenges, Raisa Vanessa decided to collaborate with the Digital Pals team. After a strategic meeting, it was decided to transition to Shopify to address these issues and improve overall performance.

Our Approach / Solutions

The Digital Pals team began by selecting a theme that would reflect Raisa Vanessa’s premium quality and optimize the site’s internal navigation. The primary focus was on enhancing the homepage, collection pages, and product pages to showcase the brand’s collections with strong visuals and high storytelling. We designed these pages to reflect the brand’s quality and aesthetics, ensuring a high-quality look and feel on both mobile and desktop screens.


We also implemented a Made to Order system for specific variants, allowing customers to place orders for out-of-stock items. To resolve the payment issues from the previous website, we utilized Shopify’s advanced checkout system, providing a seamless and fast checkout experience for both Turkish and global customers. Additionally, we optimized the website’s code and integrated performance-enhancing features, such as faster loading times and improved responsiveness, to reduce bounce rates and increase customer engagement.




Raisa Vanessa launched subdomains for TR and Global markets with local currencies. The main domain targets the US. Local payments and PayPal/Stripe and Mollie were used, with automatic location-based redirection.



Transitioning from the custom checkout experience to Shopify’s checkout significantly improved the process. The implementation of One Page Checkout streamlined and accelerated the payment process, enhancing user convenience and satisfaction.


UX/UI Design & Website

In the Manu Atelier project, the product listing page was enhanced to reflect the brand’s visual storytelling. Key details like price and title appear on hover, along with variant options. Product pages are optimized for mobile and desktop, ensuring perfect alignment of descriptions and images, with tailored product recommendations.


Made To Order System

Developed a Made to Order system for specific variants, allowing customers to order out-of-stock items. This feature ensures availability and meets customer demand efficiently.


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