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Since its founding in March 2019 as a division of Sarten Ambalaj, Sarkap has progressed from being a component of Sarten’s business-to-business network to realizing its own potential. Focusing on business-to-consumer (B2C) services, Sarkap has increased its volume and brand awareness. Offering a vast array of packaging materials, such as metal cans, jar lids, glass jars, olive and olive oil packaging, pet jars, disposable goods, food containers, and parcel consumables, the company does business through regional sales offices and online platforms.



In addressing the unique challenges faced by Sarkap, Turkey’s leading packaging manufacturer, our focus was on transitioning a traditionally offline brand to the realm of e-commerce. The initial problem lay in the brand’s historical reliance on offline sales channels and intermediaries, making the concept of e-commerce relatively novel and challenging. Sarkap operated primarily through offline sales channels, and the integration of e-commerce was met with resistance. The lack of a robust online presence resulted in an inefficient marketing budget, and the brand struggled to optimize conversion rates and adapt to the dynamics of e-commerce. Monthly revenue from online sales fell short of the desired benchmarks.

Our Approach / Solutions

To overcome these challenges, we aligned our strategy with Sarkap’s stock supply plans and developed marketing campaign outlines designed to maximize revenue.

We introduced innovative e-commerce campaign ideas aimed at enticing wholesalers to the online store. Recognizing the functional nature of the products, we strategically emphasized pull marketing campaigns to generate interest, complemented by awareness-building push marketing efforts.

Understanding the bottlenecks affecting conversion rates, we integrated on-site marketing tools. This step aimed to streamline the user journey, resolve barriers to conversion, and enhance the overall online shopping experience for customers.

Our approach was not only about adapting to the e-commerce landscape but also about strategically positioning Sarkap to thrive in the digital realm. By combining targeted marketing campaigns, a shift towards pull marketing strategies, and the implementation of on-site tools, we aimed to propel Sarkap into a new era of digital success.




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