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Shopify Expertise

We offer Shopify services from the creation of a Shopify store to its maintenance and optimization

Store Development

We offer Shopify store creation and re-creation services from theme implementation to integration solutions.

Store Optimization

For published Shopify stores, we offer Shopify consultancy and store optimization services such as app management

Launch a Shopify store that most fits your needs

We follow 4-step approach for Shopify store development. This way, we understand your needs and industrial trends and execute a store development plan for the best possible user experience and operational smoothness.

Step 1

With Customer Requirement Analysis, we analyze and prioritize our client's needs via our series of meetings and questionnaires.

Step 2

With E-Commerce Consultancy, we map out the integration and technical functions with respect to the human resources and the operational tools in use of our client.

Step 3

With Theme & UX Consulting, we determine and implement the optimal theme elements and UX flows by taking into account the industrial trends.

Step 4

With App Consultancy, we research and implement apps for the best performance with regards to the operational and marketing needs.

Optimize your Shopify store

We offer Store Optimization service for published Shopify stores. Our service provides our clients with more agile structures for store managers and more user-friendly  experience for their store visitors and customers.

Theme Optimization

We develop custom scripts and functions for the current themes, following the UX analysis.

App Consultancy

We research and implement apps for more efficient operational and marketing flows.

Admin Optimization

We automate the operational and management processes on the admin panel.

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Want to see our Shopify Apps?

We develop private and public apps for Shopify stores

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Shopify Expertise

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