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Tech Development

We develop tech solutions both for clients and the market in general.

Shopify Apps

Shopify hosts more than 2 millions e-commerce store worldwide. We have developed public simple-yet-effective apps that help Shopify stores increase their conversion rates thanks to our ongoing experience with B2C online brands.

  • Shopify App


Sortimize is a collection sort app enabling store managers to automatically sort their collections based on algorithms fed with Shopify and Google Analytics metrics and dimensions.

Upcoming Shopify Apps

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Feed App

Power your Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram and Bing shopping feed XML with dynamic and static values on attribute-level.

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Collection Manager

Create and manage collections with automatic conditions fed with Shopify and Google Analytics metrics and dimensions.

Mobile App Games

As a data and marketing team, we have develop hyper-casual games for the global game enthusiasts with fun game designs and concepts.

  • Mobile Hypercasual Game
Influencer Run: Dance Party

Influencer Run: Dance Party

Get ready for a super fun influencer challenge game! Walk and dance your way through the challenging parkours to become the ultimate influencer!

Custom Tech Solutions

Depending on our clients’ needs, we develop custom tech solutions. It can be either for more in-depth marketing research analysis or for more efficient operational management.

  • Social Media Crawler
Instagram Crawler

Instagram Crawler

The crawler compiles extensive data on username level on Instagram. It helps understand different segmentation analysis such as Engagement Cohort Analysis.

Check out our other services

Shopify Partner

Shopify App Development

We develop public and private Shopify apps. Our simple-and-effective apps helps Shopify store optimize conversion rates.

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Google Ads & Meta Partner

Growth Marketing

We grow the revenue and/or client base of our clients by data-driven approach via performance marketing channels and on-site marketing techniques.

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Shopify Partner

Shopify Expertise

From store development to store optimization, we provide our clients with Shopify stores enabling the optimal store and marketing flow management structure.

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Social Listening

We offer social listening analysis services for brands that seeks to have a proactive hand both on marketing campaigns and product development.

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Market Research

Our custom "Attractiveness Index" helps brands detect the best potential markets. We employ 40+ trustworthy data sources and the first-party data.

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