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Using its twenty years of experience, DDTECH was founded in 2017 with the goal of bringing about digital transformation for companies. The company, with a wealth of experience, focuses in providing digital goods and consulting services that help organizations evolve digitally.


The challenge we faced at the DDTech brand stemmed from the ongoing rebranding process, where the existing website did not adequately represent their identity. Given the brand’s services and solutions, the focus was not just on an aesthetic appearance but rather on planning a marketing process that responded to functional searches. Therefore, it was most appropriate to proceed with a strategy targeting important keywords in Google searches. However, progressing in this manner would not be correct due to the poor user experience of the website, which could provide detailed information about the solutions they offer. It was necessary to divide the process into two and make plans for the pre-rebranding and post-rebranding phases.

Our Approach / Solutions

Our initial goal was to create user-friendly landing pages for products until the website update occurred. We aimed to organize advertising concepts on LinkedIn for the relevant audience using these redirect links. Through competitor analyses and briefs obtained from the brand, we not only identified target audience segments but also determined the values DDTech offers, setting it apart from other brands providing similar solutions in the industry.

With the concepts prepared based on these research findings, we successfully reached the right individuals. In a short period, we improved the process of acquiring potential customers by facilitating communication between DDTech and major brands that were our target



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Session Growth


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