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  • Strategy

    UK Market Localization, ERP Integration

  • Design

    Customized Theme

  • Start - End Date

    2020 -

E-Bebek appointed Digital Pals to replatform its ecommerce operation to Shopify Plus. The project called for the development of key integrations and customisations to enable a smooth omnichannel customer experience.


E-Bebek aimed to establish a store from scratch in the UK market. The process began with setting up panels. Meetings with the E-Commerce teams were essential to ensure the accurate transfer of products from the SAP system to Shopify.

From a website design perspective, there was an expectation to harmonize their brand identity with the dynamics of the UK market. For this task, the Digital Pals team needed to integrate the design with the E-Bebek brand identity by actively working on user experiences and feedback in the UK market.

Our Approach / Solutions

Firstly, E-Bebek’s product data was examined, and many fields were created within Metafied, activated according to back-end and front-end uses. Matrixify was used to hierarchize the category structure within SAP into Shopify. The hierarchical rule sets for collections, along with Matrixify, completed the category tree. The project benefited positively from advanced Export/Import systems and a fast-updating product data flow, contributing to the project timeline.

E-Bebek’s return systems were directly matched with their warehouses via API through the ReturnGO Returns & Exchanges application, ensuring the warehouse-centric management of return processes.

Special design work was done for website frontend designs to achieve simplicity, which is more preferred in the UK market, and at the same time, to effectively implement the site map. Thus, for a brand with many categories, it facilitated guiding customers within the site and dynamically presenting front-end displays.



SAP Integration

E-Bebek UK has specialized inhouse systems. Migrating to Shopift Plus started with mapping endpoints. 

Products, Collections, Discounts and Shipping & Location integrations were prior fields. 


Shopify Flow: merchandising

We help Ebebek UK’s trading team harness Flow’s automations to speed up merchandising processes.


UX/UI Design &
Website/App Design

Analyze of UK Mom’s & Baby’s supply brands UI/UX designs was the starting point. Shopify enables to customize the themes for brands identity. 

Collection pages & Product pages customized through custom designing apps and boosts its functionality as well.


Seemless Checkout Experience

Shopify released one page checkout for Plus stores in 2023. E-Bebek UK store was available for the newest checkout page. 

Integration of Shopify Payments & Paypal 

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