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    Shopify OS 2.0 Theme

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    2021 -

The Turkish fashion brand SIEDRES was established in 2019 by Ceylin Türkkan and Emir Bilge. The brand is characterised by whimsical patterns, graphics, textures, and distinctive features that evoke a carefree yet elegant way of life in a fictional Mediterranean town. The brand is dedicated to sustainable production and produces durable, high-quality clothing with a global aesthetic that blends harmonic dual influences and real cultural inspiration.



The brand owners has strategically developed a network of elite reseller with international audience and they also has implemented PR campaigns. Such strategies gave fruit to a growing brand awareness, leading to organic growth.

The organic growth became limited due to the stock levels of the limited-edition collections, the reseller collection calendars and the lack of new markets filling up for the collections.

Our Approach / Solutions

We set up data tracking to empower the performance marketing campaigns. From simple objectives like Add To Cart to the hardest objective (Purchase), we have executed the performance marketing campaigns in a way where the tracking pixels has learned about the high-quality audience in a month.

We have created dynamic report dashboards to understand new markets and the bottlenecks that prevents visitors from completing their transaction such as finding the visitor segments that can be converted with the help of an on-site marketing communication.




Shopify’s global expansion revolutionized e-commerce by overcoming challenges like regulatory diversity. Adapting to multiple languages and currencies, the platform empowered the brand worldwide, illustrating the transformative impact of globalization on the e-commerce landscape.

During 2023, Siedres launched a pop up store in UK. Therefore to shop in localized experience for UK shoppers, UK based shop launched.



Integrated with Nebim ERP systems provides more efficient operational processes. 

Managing of brand’s omnichanel selling operations brought complexity. To simplify the operations, Shopify integrated with Nebim ERP and brand can manage their product catalogs easily for all channels.  


UX/UI Design &
Website/App Design

Through the Shopify OS 2.0 Themes customization possibilities brand identity adapted easily on themes. 

Throughout the design process of the theme, conversion rates and cart access steps were considered as the first priority.


Marketing Campaigns &
Content Creation

On-site marketing enhance the overall customer experience by personalizing product recommendations, promotions, and messages based on individual user behavior. This targeted approach increases engagement, builds customer loyalty, and ultimately improves conversion rates, contributing to the success of an online store.



Revenue Growth


Conversion Rate Growth


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